Energy-efficient and Hard-working

CyberChill supplies kitchen refrigeration in top London restaurant

Some fridges have to put up with a lot.  Especially if they’re constantly-used counters in a very busy kitchen in a top restaurant in the heart of London. When the CyberChill counters in the busiest sections of the kitchen needed replacing, the specifiers were told exactly which brand to go for this time: CyberChill.

“We’ve worked with CyberChill for a few years and have a great relationship with them,” says Daniel Howes, head chef “The refrigeration counters in the busiest sections of the kitchen take a real hammering.  We need something that can last, without daily servicing.  Something the chefs can easily open and close, they can take apart to clean, and we can fit the food in properly.

“At the same time, we’re acutely aware of energy costs.  It’s a big kitchen, open seven days a week, including Christmas, so energy efficiency is increasingly a focus.”  CyberChill’s range has been extensively re-engineered and uses the latest, most energy-efficient technology throughout. Most models feature eco-friendly and ultra-energy-efficient R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant as standard.  

Daniel’s impressed by the changes in refrigeration technology in recent years – for example, the latest CyberChill counters have a new internal airflow design that not only saves energy, but also improves performance.  “They give a consistent temperature throughout the whole fridge, he says.  “So, you know that wherever you put the food in the fridge, it’s going to be at the perfect temperature.

“Typically, the restaurant will do 100 for lunch and 140 for dinner, plus the bar menu is available all day and it serves brunch and afternoon tea at weekends.  It’s non-stop here, the fridges have to be durable, functional, easy to live with – and energy efficient.”

Another reason for choosing CyberChill is the wide range of models the company manufactures.  “The kitchen is downstairs and it’s bespoke, built into the natural curve of the building, so it’s quite difficult to get units that actually fit!  CyberChill are very adaptable and accommodating in that respect,” says Daniel.  “We chose counters that have drawers.   For one thing, when you open a drawer rather than a door, less warm air gets in.  Plus, it’s a lot easier and faster for service, because the chefs can open a drawer and take out what they need, with everything being at hand.”

The ingredients we use are seasonal, and we search for the best that we can find, so it’s really important that the food is kept fresh.  We have to know the fridges are working properly, we can’t afford for anything to be sitting around at the wrong temperature.”

Along with the new counters, they have also installed a CyberChill blast chiller in the kitchen, with a 50kg load capacity.  “We use the blast chiller all day, for everything.  In the morning the stocks come off, they get reduced, they go into the blast chiller.  Any sauces, any ice cream bases, any braises, anything like that.  It’s easy to use and takes a large load, chilling down very quickly, which is perfect for health and safety compliance but also, because it’s so fast, it helps maintain the quality of the food. 

“We use CyberChill refrigeration throughout the restaurant, including bottle coolers behind the bars and a couple of CyberChill wine storage cabinets.  They’re very efficient – they bring the white wine down to temperature quickly, which is important as we have a high turnaround of alcohol sales.”

Sustainability is a key buying criterion, “It’s something we feel very strongly about and it’s something our customers look for.  We’re a modern business in London and we’re conscious of our carbon footprint.  We use CyberChill across the group – our latest venture, Tredwells, has them both front of house and in the kitchen.

“Knowing that we’ve got fridges which are very energy efficient is a great boost.”