CyberChill Precision at Hotelympia: It's the Age of Meat

Celebrity chef Shaun Rankin takes centre stage on the Precision stand Hotelympia 2018
Stand 1620, Hotelympia, London ExCel, March 5-8 2018


Meat ageing is all the vogue. It’s more tender, tastier and commands a premium price, so it’s not surprising that more chefs are turning to aged meat for their high-end dishes. And if they’ve got it, many chefs are flaunting it, by showing their meat in front-of-house displays.  CyberChill Precision is right there with them, with the introduction of its stylish and practical meat ageing cabinet, which can be seen at Hotelympia on stand 1620.

Celebrity chef Shaun Rankin, whose cooking style reflects the quality of his ingredients, will be visiting the Precision stand to give a demonstration on the fine points of meat ageing. Shaun has a Precision meat ageing cabinet in his restaurant, Ormer Mayfair.  He will be passing on his experience and enthusiasm in using the cabinet to produce a superior cut of meat – and visitors will be able to taste the difference for themselves. 

The CyberChill Precision MA600-1950 cabinet provides the perfect temperature and humidity-controlled environment for meat ageing, while attractively showing off the meats to promote sales. The CyberChill Precision cabinet’s internal temperature can be accurately set from 1ºC and 4ºC with the humidity controlled between 75-85% - without the need for a water supply.

A key issue with meat ageing is that the humidity needs to be constant.  However, in a refrigerated cabinet the system turning on and off to control temperature will cause the humidity level to fluctuate considerably.  Precision supplies Himalayan rock salt to act as a regulator to overcome this problem, ensuring the humidity level stays constant as well as enhancing the taste.

For those wishing to know more about meat ageing CyberChill Precision has written a guide to the subject, in conjunction with Shaun, which will be launched at the show.