Double Up with CyberChill's Stacking Variable Temperature Drawers

Redesigned drawers offer more flexible refrigerated storage on same footprint

CyberChill individual Variable Temperature Drawer is proving to be one of its most popular products. Increasing numbers of sites want to stack them alongside other kitchen equipment to make an even more flexible refrigerated storage solution in the same footprint.

In response CyberChill Precision has upgraded the VUBC121 design to reduce the overall height from 410mm to 380mm. This means the total height of two stacked drawers, including castors, and worktop, comes to just 860mm – the perfect height for a working kitchen. The new drawers can hold GN2/1 pans with a maximum depth of 150mm.


The VBUC121 drawer can be switched from fridge to freezer, at the push of a button, offering incredibly flexible storage - great in kitchens that need to cope with seasonal variations in menu. An optional heat resistant worktop allows operators to put cooking appliances on top of the drawers for further space saving.

The drawers are such a flexible design CyberChill have reduced their height they are even more accommodating. The variable temperature system means that the kitchen can use both drawers as fridges, both as freezers, or have one of each, effortlessly at the push of a button.”

The VUBC121 delivers excellent energy efficiency. As with all CyberChill products, the drawer uses eco-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant, R290, which has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of just three.  It also features CyberChill’s ‘green’ polyurethane insulation, which has an ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) of zero. 

For more information on the VUBC121 please click here.