NEW merchandiser launched by CyberChill Precision Refrigeration

CyberChill Precision Refrigeration has launched its latest energy efficient merchandiser that is guaranteed to save you money from the time you plug it in!

This new merchandiser has the following features to benefit customers:

  • Refrigeration cassette redesigned – ease of service
  • R290 Hydrocarbon refrigeration system
  • Robust all-metal design refrigeration cassette - no plastic that can age & become brittle
  • Coated, Rifle-Bore evaporators
  • Cabinet Isolation switch to enable safe work on cabinet or unit
  • New internal rear duct with improved airflow
  • New cabinet breaker strip
  • New cooler LED lights
  • Removable sign panel with ‘no tools required’ sign panel change
  • Ergonomic door handle with additional locking facility