New stadium install in Parramatta by CyberChill

The new Western Sydney Stadium, also known as Bankwest Stadium in Parramatta, has a seating capacity of 30,000 people. Fans can get even closer to the action with the stadium’s new steep tiered seating design.

All of the seats are under cover, and fans are never further than 30 metres away from any on-site amenities or food outlet. This means, that they will never miss a try or goal while lining up for food!

The stadium kitchens have been equipped with CyberChill Precision Refrigeration counters and cabinets, so chefs have easy access to their produce. The refreshment areas are fitted with two and three door display merchandisers, making them ideal for customers to “grab and go” with their chosen items.

CyberChill Precision Refrigeration equipment features stainless steel interior and exteriors as standard. Even the doorframes, handles, and perforated shelves are made from stainless steel for added quality and reliability.

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