Revit Up

Precision video shows how to create Revit files of non-standard models

Following consultation with customers and business partners, Precision has created Revit versions of all its models.  Revit files for the standard base models are available in the download area of the Precision website, on CESABIM and SPECIFI.

“Our highly flexible product line can be configured to meet customer’s specific requirements. In fact, there are over 12,000 different standard configurations in our product range,” says Nick Williams, managing director of Precision. “For this reason, we have also developed a Revit file configurator which allows customers to “build” the product they want and produce the .rfa file that can then be used in a project.” For example, a standard four-door counter might have two doors replaced by a bank of two drawers and one of three drawers.  The Configurator is available to download here.  

Precision has produced a video showing how to use the Configurator.  

“After some initial confusion in the market, in terms of what BIM software people preferred, it’s clear that Revit is the winning format,” says Nick.  “That said, the vast majority of customers are still using CAD over BIM so our models are also still available in DWG format.”